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Today isFriday,22March,2019


UAC was established by the Parliamentary Statute No. 2 of 1992, situating it under the Office of the President. The mandate of the Commission is to oversee, plan and coordinate AIDS prevention and control activities throughout Uganda, in particular to:

  1. Formulate policy and establish program priorities for the control of the AIDS epidemic and management of its consequences throughout the country;
  2. Ensure proper planning and coordination of all AIDS control policies and programs within the overall program strategy;
  3. Identify obstacles to the implementation of AIDS control policies and programs and ensure the implementation and attainment of program activities and targets;
  4. Mobilize, expedite and monitor resources for the AIDS control program and activities;
  5. Disseminate information on the AIDS epidemic and its consequences in Uganda and on the program activities for its control;
  6. Supervise all activities relating to the control of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, in particular, regarding;
  • Health care and counseling of AIDS patients;
  • The welfare of bereaved orphans and survivors of AIDS victims;
  • The provision of medical supplies and equipment;
  • The handling of socio-economic, cultural and legal issues related to the AIDS epidemic; and
  • Bio-medical research and surveillance into the AIDS epidemic and methods of its prevention and control;
  • Find a drug for the cure of the AIDS disease; and\
  • Perform such other functions relating to the prevention or control of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, as the Commission may deem necessary.
The UAC Statute has been reviewed taking into account the evolving epidemic and response. The revised Statute has been presented to the Minister for Presidency to present to Cabinet.
The UAC mandate has over the years been translated into the following key function areas:
  • Guide policy formulation and establishment of programme priorities
  • Take the lead in national planning and monitoring
  • Spearhead advocacy for HIV/AIDS activities
  • Identify obstacles to the national response
  • Mobilize and monitor resource allocation and utilization
  • Foster linkages among partners
  • Gather and disseminate information
  • Promote HIV/AIDS related research
UAC does not engage in direct implementation of HIV/AIDS programs but is expected to provide strategic leadership by ensuring effective harmonization of the HIV/AIDS related activities of the various players within agreed policy and program parameters.