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Today isSaturday,20April,2019


The Presidential First Track Initiative (PFTI) was a directive from His Excellence the President to respond to the persistent high level of the AIDS epidemic and low pace towards achievement of set targets. The roll out and successful implementation of the PFTI has received support from The Presidency and cabinet, Parliament, Ministries Departments and agencies, Development Partners, Implementing Partners, Local Governments, Civil Society Organizations, Media, Private Sector, Media, Religious and Cultural Leaders.

This report narrates the processes, activities and results achieved over the last one year since the launch of the Presidential First Track Initiative. The report identifies some challenges encountered during implementation and priorities for the second year. The documented PFTI results will be used for advocacy, accountability and as a reflection to inform the phase two activities.

The process of writing this report has been widely consultative involving multi-sectoral stakeholders including; PFTI TWG, National Steering Committee, Development Partners and Civil Society representatives. I would like express my sincere and deep felt gratitude for the commitment and input from all the core writing team members (Annex 1) that included representatives from UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNWomen, IOM, UNICEF, CDC, MOH and the Uganda AIDS Commission.

I urge all stakeholders to use this report to guide the implementation of future PFTI activities.

Download Full Report: PFTI Report