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Today isThursday,18January,2018


The Presidential Fast Track Initiative for Ending HIV/AIDS as a Public Health threat in Uganda by 2030, will be spearheaded by H.E. the President. Its implementation will be coordinated by Uganda AIDS Commission. UNAIDS the lead UN agency in coordinating the HIV response will play a key leadership role in this initiative. Implementation of this initiative will be in collaboration with other sectors and key stakeholders in the multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS response.

The overall goal of the Initiative is to achieve epidemic control and eliminate HIV/AIDS as a public health threat in Uganda by 2030. The Initiative will be based on proven effective interventions of the HIV response. It shall address prevailing gaps in coverage of key services and method of delivery of services.

The following will be the specific objectives of this initiative: -

  1. To accelerate steps to close the tap on new HIV infections, particularly among girls and young women and their male partners.
  2. To intensify the elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
  3. To accelerate Implementation of “Test and Treat” and attainment of the 90-90-90 targets, with emphasis given to promotion of male utilization of services
  4. To guarantee financial sustainability for the HIV and AIDS response
  5. To reinforce Institutional effectiveness for a multi-sectoral response

The outcomes listed below are the areas that the President will personally take interest in and require reports on a regular basis. This will imply the development of acceleration plans (or fast track plans). The above objectives once implemented will result into:-

  • Accelerated advocacy on the implementation of identified interventions
  • Intensified approach to messaging for behavioral change communication
  • Improved internal resourcing for interventions
  • Direct monitoring of the national HIV response by H.E the President

And contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Decline in new infections among girls and women – ages 15 – 24 years
  • All young women and girls and their male partners accessing and utilizing needed Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV prevention services;
  • At least 90% of all persons living with HIV tested and aware of their results by 2020;
  • At least 90% of all HIV positive persons enrolled in treatment and care programs by 2020;
  • At least 90% of all HIV positive persons on treatment well supported by their communities and families and adhering to treatment by 2020;
  • Zero new vertical HIV transmission by 2020 – evidenced by Uganda achieving WHO pre-elimination certification
  • HIV related stigma and discrimination eliminated by 2020;
  • Institutional effectiveness in the coordination of the multi-sectoral response
  • A sustainable source of locally generated funding for the HIV response realised by 2020.

The launch will be held at Imperial Royale on the 6th June 2017. Participants will be Key national leaders, including cabinet ministers, members of parliament, religious leaders, cultural leaders, civil society leaders, development partners and key leaders from each district. The guest of honour at this occasion shall be H. E. the President.

Uganda managed to reverse the trend of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the late 1980s and 1990s. This was majorly as a result of strong political will, commitment and leadership by H.E. the President, which led to solidarity and massive community mobilization to control the epidemic. Based on this experience, this initiative led by H.E the President, will enable the country to achieve the target of ending the AIDS epidemic as a public Health threat by 2030.




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